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At Chasing 3, we are committed to offering NM, AZ, CO and TX professional and dependable chip timing for triathlons, cycling, running and nordic races • race production consultation and full-blown race production. C3 is here to help!


  • “Chasing3 team: Thank you for setting up such a great race day! It was an awesome experience for us new comers to the triathlon scene! We appreciated all the volunteers’ hard-work, smiles and encouraging cheers! We look forward to racing with you again, SOON! “ – S. Yara
  • This past Rio Grande sprint was my first triathlon. It was a great experience, so I think I will stick with it. It was a great event, and look forward to next year! • Ted Borek
  • “Thank you for the generous donation of your time and talents to support the 4th annual Adoption Exchange Classic Bike Race …” – Ginger Rivenbark, NM Director of Development, The Adoption Exchange
  • Storrie Lake 2012, “Enjoyed the tri at Storrie Lake this past weekend. Great race and thanks for starting at 7am ! And for dirt road running – nice change.” T. Snyder
  • Jay Benson 2012, “Another great race!!! Had an amazing time and the weather was perfect! Thanks for all you do!” K.W.
  • “Thank you Chasing 3 for another fantastic event! Coyote Carerra rocked! What a great start to the tri season with back-to-back exciting races. Thank you to staff, volunteers and sponsors!” – Byron, FB

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