Event Refund Policy

April 18, 2013
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Please read carefully …  there has been alot of confusion surrounding this subject.

Chasing 3 does not issue refunds of registration fees for any event for any reason. An event credit for the value of the original entry fee good for 1 year from the date of the event may be issued at the company’s discretion only in cases where:

  • a documented medical injury
  • military deployment
  • death of an immediate family member prevents participation.

In order for your medical situation to be considered, you must notify Chasing 3 in writing at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the event and attach documentation (i.e. doctor’s diagnosis) to support your claim.

Please send the documentation to: Chasing 3 LLC  •  3 Metate Drive  •  Sandia Park, NM  87047

If not received at least 14 days prior to an event, an event credit will not be considered. All other race credit requests for any reason other than medical, military deployment or family member death will be denied.

All race credit requests received later than 14 days prior to the calendar date of the event, regardless of circumstance, will be denied.


Note and does not refund participants for events except in cases where an athlete has registered more than once for an event. If you are double-charged for an event, and the event is more than 30 days away, contact or directly for a refund of the duplicate entry fee. If the duplicate charge is discovered less than 30 days prior to an event, please contact Chasing 3 directly. If funds have been transferred to Chasing 3 from or, C3 will issue a refund of the duplicate entry fee via mail. If funds have not been transferred to C3, or will issue the refund directly to the credit card. • Please note that C3 cannot process credits for credit/debit cards. or will, upon request, refund the “convenience fee” portion of the registration transaction back to your credit/debit card for duplicate entries.